Health Science Center Thesis Transition: Spring 2014 Degree Candidates

As a result of the Texas A&M University Health Science Center (HSC) merger, all HSC students are expected to adhere to Texas A&M University standards, policies, timelines, and procedures although a period of transition has been required to put systems in place to manage HSC student records.

This guidance has been developed for HSC students graduating in Spring 2014 to address questions regarding requirements and processes during the transition period. HSC students should prepare documents using Texas A&M University format guidelines, outlined in the Texas A&M University Thesis Manual.  Policies, deadlines, procedures and guidelines for Texas A&M University HSC students preparing theses and dissertations will be applied consistently with other Texas A&M University graduate students.

Training and Resources

Templates, pre-submittal training, as well as other tools are accessible via to assist all students with successful preparation of the manuscript.  The Office of Graduate and Professional Studies (OGAPS) Thesis Office holds weekly face-to-face sessions to provide guidance and training to all students on thesis preparation, submission, and approval. Dates and times for training sessions are available from the OGAPS Event Registration and Management System. Advance registration is requested. Students not able to attend in person are encouraged to use the online pre-submittal training tutorials available online. Students are encouraged to use these resources prior to the holding of the final defense.

Additional seminars and workshops are available in January and February to gain familiarity with Thesis Office resources and processes, as well as to ensure students have the knowledge and skills to prepare a high quality manuscript which adheres to the Thesis Office guidelines. Please see the OGAPS Event Registration and Management System for details.


Texas A&M University students currently pay a fee ($170 doctoral; $110 master’s) for Thesis Office services.  Thesis or Dissertation service fees will be assessed for HSC students who submit to the Thesis Office for Spring 2014 graduation. Until student records are in Compass, alternative mechanisms for assessing/receiving the fee will be put in place.


HSC students should adhere to the OGAPS dates and deadline calendar posted at


HSC students will need to complete Thesis Office required forms: 1) Approval Form of the Written Thesis/Dissertation/Record of Study, 2) Copyright and Availability Form, 3) Combined online Survey of Earned Doctorates and AAUDE Graduate Student Exit Survey (for research doctoral students only). A specific Approval Form of the Written Thesis/Dissertation/Record of Study has been prepared by OGAPS for HSC students to use. Forms are accessible from The original Approval Form and a copy of the other forms must be provided to the Thesis Office prior to clearance from the Thesis Office.


Once the student has successfully completed the final, oral exam, the student is eligible to submit the Texas A&M University Written Thesis/Dissertation/Record of Study Approval Form (designated for HSC students) and the committee approved electronic thesis/dissertation (ETD). Since the Thesis/Dissertation Services fee covers the cost of our services, HSC colleges will have the option to continue or omit the pre-reviews of ETD format in the HSC college offices. Please check with your college contacts to determine whether or not this pre-review is required. Regardless of which option is selected, the required Approval Form and the ETD must be submitted to the Thesis Office by the Texas A&M University posted thesis/dissertation submission deadline.


Electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) will be reviewed for uniformity and consistency in format and style, utilizing the guidelines posted in the Texas A&M University Thesis Manual.  Students should upload the committee approved ETD as a single pdf document to the ETD Submission and Management System: Vireo ( Vireo submission should be completed no later than the Texas A&M University posted Thesis Office submission deadline. Students will have access to log into Vireo with existing HSC netid login credentials. Thesis Office staff will complete one or more reviews to verify standards for format have been met, as well as review submitted paperwork, prior to Thesis Office clearance. For any corrections needed, Vireo will be utilized as the mechanism for managing the review workflow. Any corrections requested by the Thesis Office will be uploaded to Vireo, where they can be retrieved by the student, and a notification will be sent to the student via email. The student, likewise, will upload revised manuscripts to Vireo for further review. Vireo will store the final, University approved document for each student.


Thesis Office clearance must occur within one year of the final defense date. In order to clear the Thesis Office, the student must complete the following steps:

  1. Meet Thesis Office standards for format of the thesis/dissertation
  2. Complete and submit required forms
  3. Be registered for the semester of graduation
  4. Apply for graduation

Once clearance requirements are met, Thesis Office staff will notify the appropriate Registrar’s staff (until such time as HSC student records are in Compass), the student, faculty chair, and HSC college contact (until such time as HSC student records are in Compass) via email.


All theses and dissertations will be published in the Texas A&M University institutional repository and through ProQuest (doctoral students only). Availability will be subject to the policies stated in the Copyright and Availability Form, including the option to temporarily delay access for publication, patent, or proprietary purposes. Manuscripts with an immediate release or journal hold will be submitted to Texas A&M University Libraries (and ProQuest, for doctoral works) once all degree candidates for the semester have been certified by the University. Document metadata, including abstracts, will be available through these entities for the duration of the embargo. Patent holds will be held in Vireo until such time as an embargo is no longer necessary.

The Thesis Office is committed to make this transition process as smooth as possible, ensuring that student graduation is not impacted. We have every confidence that HSC students will be able to meet all requirements for Thesis Office clearance in time for Spring 2014 graduation, as long as they meet stated deadlines for submission and stay in communication with their respective HSC college and the Thesis Office, as appropriate, to address identified format issues and other Thesis Office requirements for clearance.